Showing Our City That Love Works


Our mission is for the entire church to reach the entire family by each member ministering, teaching, and working in the mission of Jesus to reach our city.


  • Installing drywall on exterior facing walls and all interior walls
  • New plumbing and hot water tanks
  • Installing remaining furnaces in entire building
  • Installing duct work throughout the entire building
  • Installing drop ceiling in south end of the building
  • Installing new doors and windows
  • Interior finising (painting, carpet, lights, furniture)
  • Exterior structure remodel


If you would like to give towards the ministry here at the O.C. Text OC after your designated amount to 84321 or to give online click the button below.

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The next step to changing our world

River Valley Mission is a faith-based certified program that will train people in trades and life skills.

Our mission is to help establish people in work ethics and character development and to equip them for the next step in life.

A hands-on training program for individuals coming from re-entry, single parents, teens, and those unemployed. We would provide skills and certification in construction, media, and culinary.

  • Training seminars with contractors and certified individuals to teach and train
  • Mentoring groups with leaders and pastors
  • Partner with other churches and ministries
  • Step out program… (serving in community projects, part-time at the center)
  • Hosting job fairs and employment opportunities

School of Hope History

In 1952 Dr. Max E. Miller, and his wife, Leona were looking for services such as a school for their daughter, Marylynn, who was disabled. The Millers and a few other people in the community started meeting in a church basement. Until 1958 when they constructed this facility for disabled children and named it, “The School of Hope”.

Additional construction was done in 1962 and later in 1974.

By the year 2007, the school had built several facilities and expanded its programs for people of all ages with special needs to become what is now “Hope Enterprises” and relocated to their current address in Newberry.

From 2007-2018 the facility served as a drug and alcohol treatment center until April 2019.


(570) 326-7031


Sunday Worship: 10:00am
Thursday Night Youth (CFY): 7:00pm

470 Pine St, Williamsport, PA 17701


Affordable off-street parking for those working, living, or shopping in the downtown Williamsport area.